Let's Go Clandestino


Ensenada tour

We are really excited for this event because we love to visit Ensenada. I remember visiting this city when I was a  little boy with my family, but  what I remember most is eating fish tacos. Ensenada has always boasted about creating the original battered fish taco, but that is not the only thing this beautiful port city is boasting about. The seafood is abundant here and so are the chefs and restaurants who are causing a stir in the culinary movement of Baja California. Not only is seafood ever present here but the freshness and quality is in my opinion, unsurpassable.

Calling all craft beer lovers!!! The Mexican craft beer is in full effect in Ensenada. If it seems hard to believe then there is only way find out, trying it. Quality craft beers are being produced in small batches by breweries like Agua Mala, Zombie Brew Labs and Cerveceria Wendlandt. There are also a few craft beer bars with their own Baja twist.    

Sunday Saturday September 22nd

Join us for a day of joyous celebration, its my birthday! This event will give people a chance who have not been to Ensenada in years to discover how much it has grown and changed. We sill start the day off with breakfast on the bus made by Katie and myself , as well as a ceremonial toast! Places we will be visiting are brewery Agua Mala for some beer flights, seafood tostadas at La Guerrerense, walking/shopping for arts and crafts, more beer flights at Cerveceria Wendlandt and finishing it off with tempura fried oysters at Ultra Marino. So sign up for the tour so you can be a part of this fabulous day!