Let's Go Clandestino


Do Mexico Like The Locals Do.

At Let's Go Clandestino we strive to give you an authentic experience into Mexico.  Taste the food, enjoy the culture and lose yourself in Mexico. 

D iego Rivera

Diego Rivera


Private Tours....

On our private tours we can take up to 10 of your closest friends into different areas of Baja.  From Tijuana all along the coast to Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe.  These tours can be customized to fit your schedule.  We know you are going to love Baja as much as we do.  Simply fill out the form on the contact us page to get started.

Public Tours....

On our public tours we offer larger group functions into baja. We visit all our favorite restaurants, craft beer bars, breweries, and vineyards on these varying tours.  Usually offered once a month we do our best to get you to see Baja through the eyes of a local.  Viva Mexico!